Learn More About Challenge Coins

A challenge coin is a simple yet very meaningful medallion, often seen in military units, that bears the emblem or logo of an organization. It is given to the organization’s members as a sign of membership and commitment, and must be carried at all times. It has been a tradition for military members to show this coin as a proof of membership when someone challenges them. www.Challengecoins4less you get best options of challenge coin.


Another purpose of this coin is to boost members’ confidence as they belong to one of the prestigious organizations. It can also serve as part of the collection of service members. Nowadays, custom military coins are usually given to recognize any fulfilled service or special achievement of a member by the unit commander. In addition, these coins are exchanged when members of other organizations come to visit the camp.

Challenge as a Tradition

Challenging a member is a way to know if a particular member of an organization is carrying the coin. Though rules are already formed in challenging members, some of these are often neglected since the rules are not generalized for all military units. The rules actually vary to every organization. The challenge is only applicable to members whose custom military coins are formally given by their unit commanders.

Conflicts may arise when challenges are commenced between members coming from different organizations and thus, it is highly discouraged to challenge a member of another organization. A challenge coin is merely a strong source of morale of a military unit but a forced challenge can alter this purpose. This act is also known as “Coin Check” and is commonly announced aloud.

How to Challenge a Member

Challenging a member can be done any time. It is started off by a challenger who draws his coin, and putting it on a flat surface like table or desk. If challenge is initiated in a noisy environment, then the coin must be continuously tapped on the flat surface as a way to challenge members. A coin drop, whether intentional or unintentional, is considered as an intended challenge to everyone present in the vicinity. Upon being challenged, a member must produce the coin of the organization immediately.
Custom CoinA member who fails to show the said coin has to buy drinks or snacks for the challenger. Sometimes, he/she must also buy drinks or snacks for all members who have brought their custom military coins with them. In case everyone challenged successfully produced a coin, the challenger is obliged to give drinks or snacks to everyone present in the area.

Usually, custom military coins are placed in pockets or at any place with ease of access. For instance, coins are used as belt buckles and worn as necklace or bracelet.

An act called “Step and Reach” is passing off an extra coin to a challenger as a prerogative of the challenged member. This rule permits a challenged person to show gratitude to a close friend by giving his coin. However, custom military coins placed on belt buckles, key chains, necklaces, and bracelets are not applicable to be used in this form of challenge.

As a rule of thumb, coins made of zinc alloy castings are given to friends and colleagues due to its low cost. A die struck brass or bronze coin is usually for personal use since it is expensive and of superior quality. However, it is still a member’s prerogative if he will opt to give his die struck bronze coin.



The following are some of the rules often followed in making a challenge but are not limited to these only. If a member is able to grab a coin without the owner knowing it, then everyone in the group should treat him a drink. The holder of the coin with the highest rank shall receive a treat from everyone present. Coins are also classified into ranks. When a lower rank presents his coin to a higher rank, then he shall give respect by offering drinks to this higher rank.

Another rule of thumb is that prior to any presentation of coin, the two members shall offer each other a handshake for formality and respect. Some military units are strict with regards to time limits for a member to take action to a challenge.

Improving Your PCB Assembly Process

Electrical gadgets and appliances are primarily comprised of printed circuit boards (PCB). These boards give mechanical support to different parts of the gadgets. Conductive pathways are incorporated in these boards to supply electric current among the components.

Pcb Assembaly


PCB assembly involves a series of complex processes that must be employed properly to create cost-efficient and high-quality electronic designs.

Here are some tips on improving your PCB assembly process

Prepare the board that will be converted into a PCB.

The designer must complement the board preparations and types of raw materials with the quality of the product he wants to attain. If the designer wants to create a low-priced gadget, then he must use cheap raw materials and employ a simple preparation. The first step in preparing the PCB is the construction of the laminate. This is done by putting pressure on the pieces of cloth or paper to be attached to the their most resin to construct an evenly thick panel.

The kind of material used in this process sets the specific laminate classification and function the product can perform. The things to be considered in determining a board’s classification are dielectric constant, shear strength, fire resistance, loss factor and tensile strength.

Engraving the circuits on the board.

The approach for this step relies on the final product that the designer wants to achieve. Commonly, PCB assembly processes include wrapping the laminate on both faces with copper. Then, certain copper layers along the restricted areas will be removed. As a result, the board will have precise copper traces. This method is called the subtractive method. The cost of implementing this method is low, but it causes greater pollution to the environment.

Pc- Assembalys

Another method for etching copper traces is the additive method. In this method, copper traces will be electroplated on the laminate to create an accurate circuitry. Even if this method utilizes less copper and produces less residues, it is still considered as a complex process since it involves doing complicated steps.

Different approaches to the printing procedure.

1. Large quantity approach

This printing approach utilizes silk-screens. This is considered to be the most profitable approach and photographic alternative when there is a need for accurate line widths.

2. Small quantity approach

This approach uses a see-through film and photo-mask together with a photo sensitized board. The copper traces will be etched on the board with the use of a laser ablation. You can also use a computer numerical control mill, which has a spade-shaped blade used for removing unwanted copper traces from the laminate.

3. Hobbyist approach

This approach utilizes a laser in printing copper traces on a transparent film before moving it to an iron or a laminator. The laminator will be in charge of the final etching process. This approach is not suitable for making mass products.

Drill enough holes into the board and insert circuit constituents.

The next part of PCB assembly is drilling holes, where the components will be attached. This is done by using a small diameter drill bits, which are coated with tungsten carbide. In this process, you will need to utilize a fast-speed automatic drill to prevent damaging and ripping copper tracks. The holes and drill bits that will remain uncovered are usually coated with solder composite. This is to let the PCB conduct electric current without experiencing problems like copper oxidation.

Resolve all kinds of disorder.

Since this process requires a large investment in hiring professional workers and renting a place where the operation will be done, you still have another option in case you do not have adequate resources. You can try outsourcing PCBs from other manufacturing company. In this way, the company’s expenses will be reduced.

Enhancing each stage of the PCB assembly will result to a more productive workflow and products.

Uses of Portable Storage Containers in Business

A chaotic work environment can dampen productivity, efficiency and employees’ morale in the workplace. If you have been operating a small business for some time, your growing company may be accumulating more stuff than your storage area can handle. This can result to a cluttered workplace and inefficient operation.

Portable storage containers can be the most affordable and practical solutions for storage and extra space required by expanding small businesses.

A portable storage container is a flexible, affordable and environment-friendly storage solution that has gained wide acceptance among businesses as convenient and economical solution to requirements for an additional space to handle inventory, equipment, supplies, temporary selling area, or office.

A portable storage container can serve as a semi-permanent improvement to a lot and provide a bigger operating space at a fraction of the cost of erecting a permanent building extension.

Portable containers are usually refurbished retired shipping containers that were originally built to withstand inclement weather and unstable ocean climates, carry heavy loads and serve various stacking needs. They are wind-resistant and leak-resistant. These durable containers have extended their functionality to serve the growing needs of businesses for affordable, convenient and durable storage and additional space.



Moveable Container Storage provides sturdy, economical and portable storage containers at affordable prices, flexible arrangements, and convenient terms. We are proud to serve the needs of businesses and individuals in different locations across the nation. We are the trusted partners of growing businesses and households. Call us and tell us how we can meet your specific requirements.

If you still haven’t explored the potential of moveable storage containers as more economical and convenient solutions for many of your operating or storage needs, here are some of their benefits and uses:

Uses of Portable Storage Containers


A portable storage container can be an extremely useful storage for various things.

Many companies opt to buy their supplies or materials in bulk to take advantage of huge volume discounts. Some even order their requirements for a year to save on purchase costs of these items. You can store office supplies or raw materials in a portable storage unit where they will be safe from dusts, pests or rainwater leaks.

If you are operating a retail company that has to stock up and store seasonal excess inventory and you need an extra space on a temporary basis to accommodate them, renting an onsite portable storage container is a more efficient and cost-effective option than leasing an offsite warehouse on a year round basis. Likewise, a portable storage unit can be a practical and convenient way to manage stocking for a new store.

Renting a personal storage container on as-you-need basis is a more practical and economical way to manage short and temporary surge in inventory levels.

Storage containers are ideal holding places for files and documents that are not actively used in current operations but are required by regulations to be stored inside business premises. Your important documents will be protected from being misused or misplaced, from water leaks, or from other operating hazards of your business.

Portable Storage Container

Moveable storage containers are safe and secure storage for pieces of furniture or equipment that are not currently used, but are not also up for disposal anytime. If your office has extra desks or chairs due to downsizing or employee resignation, you can keep them temporarily in a storage container where they can remain dust-free. Hiring an additional employee may also require some rearranging and extra storage space to store things that will have to be displaced to give way to the new employee.

If you are doing some office renovations, you can protect valuable items, inventory, supplies, or furniture in a portable storage container to keep the dirt, dust and rainwater away.

Temporary Office Space or Working Area

It is possible to customize or design a portable storage container to be a convenient and comfortable working area for your employees while the main office is undergoing renovation or is otherwise unavailable as in emergency or disaster cases.

Portable storage containers can be used as a secure and moveable tools storage or office that can be transported between sites. It can also function as a meeting area for supervisors, workers and management.

Portable storage units offer practical and flexible options to help you run your business more productively, efficiently and profitably. Moveable Storage Containers offer both rental and outright purchase of high quality and durable portable storage containers to suit your operating requirements. We are proud to be your partner in growing your busines

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If you want to know more about Portable storage containers and its uses, you can visit our website – www.moveablecontainer.com.

How to Use Iron On Patches in Upholstery Repair

Iron on patches are known in some countries as everyone’s lifesaver. These patches can be used in fixing fabric holes and tears in the quickest and cleanest way possible. Frequently used in fixing denim, these patches have earned a good reputation.

Almost everyone can use these whenever they want to make a quick fix in their attire. So whenever a tear or a hole in their clothes shows up, they can easily patch it, therefore, saving lots of time and effort compared to sewing.

To those who don’t know yet, these patches also have lots of other uses. Aside from fixing clothes and denim in the quickest possible way, you can also use these even when repairing upholstery covers. Having them in your possession is a good choice and an excellent investment at the same time.

Compared to adhesive patches, this type of patches only stick when you apply some heat, therefore ensuring that the entire work is clean. These also help prevent further damage since not all fabrics can be fixed through sewing.

Most of us think that upholstery repair always requires professional help and solutions. This is true if you’re planning of redesigning. But when it comes to upholstery repair, you can do this alone provided that you have a little knowledge about furniture.

Iron on patche


Aside from gaining new skills, you can also save money doing the necessary repairs yourself. We all know that professional help isn’t cheap.

Repairing torn upholstery fabric can be done in various ways. The easiest way is to use these iron on patches and here’s how:

Ironing On Patches in Torn Fabric

Cut the patch a little larger than the tear in upholstery fabric. Next, Place the patch right on top of the tear and make sure that the patch stays in place. Once done, apply some heat to the fabric by means of an electric flat iron to seal the tear.

Iron On Patches in Large Fabric Holes

After cutting the right patch size for the hole, find a piece of fabric that is similar to the fabric that you are going to repair. You can obtain it either by cutting out the extra piece from the upholstery itself or find one in a fabric store. Put the patch right over the hole and cut a piece of the same fabric and put it on its underside before applying some heat.

Putting Patches in Small Fabric Holes

Small fabric holes either need only a few stitches, iron on patches or both.  If the upholstery cover is made of fabric, small holes can be fixed by a few stitches. If it is made of synthetic leather, stitches won’t work so patching it up will be necessary.

You can easily fix accessory pieces that fall off the upholstery by applying some glue and putting it back to place. In this case, make sure that the glue is completely dry before using the upholstery again. Use the kind of glue that is usable with either wood or fabric and use it according to the provided application instructions for satisfying results.

Are These Patches Usable on Every Kind of Fabric?

You can only use these patches when repairing natural fabric like cotton, linen, and wool. If your upholstery cover is made from any of these materials, you can just patch it whenever there is a hole or a tear. But if the upholstery cover is made of synthetic fabric like nylon or dacron, try to check out if the fabric can stand the necessary heat from the electric iron. Most synthetics nowadays cannot withstand heat required by the patch so using iron-on patches will not be a good idea at all.

Aside from synthetic fabrics, we don’t recommend using these in aged or worn-out fabrics. Since old fabrics tend to tear even if only a slight force is applied, replace it with a new one instead of trying to repair it.

For more information, you can search Patches4Less online when it comes to patches needs. They have experts waiting to answer your queries, as well as to help you find the right patch depending on your own unique needs. They’re among the most trusted in the patch-making industry.

Looking for a Motivational Speaker?

Everybody can aspire to be a motivational speaker, but not everyone is cut out for it. That’s because, while anybody can have good ideas for a keynote speech, not everyone really has the ability to deliver them in such a manner that the people would listen.

Enter Garrison Wynn. He’s a motivational speaker who, by the age of 27, was already a Fortune 500 company department head, the youngest in that company’s history. Prior to that, as a teenager, he worked with Hank Aaron, the famous baseball player, and with Magnavox for a project that also made history –the first ever video gaming system in the world.

Aren’t those credentials amazing enough? Well, other people have credentials just like that, some even more, but still not qualify to be a great keynote speaker for company events.

But what sets Garrison Wynn apart from all the other motivational speakers out there is that he has those two qualities we have mentioned in the introductory paragraph –ideas and the ability to deliver them. Garrison has got the humor and the authority in his delivery that really commands attention. And, his ideas are said to unveil the secret of one percent of the population who are said to have it all – health, wealth, and most importantly, contentment.

The Secret that is Garrison Wynn


Well, we can’t really say outright that Garrison is still a secret, because so many organizations are always looking for him! Imagine inquiries spinning by the hundreds. Every year, he always has more than a hundred appointments – all dedicated to keynote events!

Just like you, we wonder how he can squeeze all of these appointments in 365 days. But, as what his many clients have been saying about him, Garrison has the ability to squeeze everything you need to be informed about in just one hour!

One secret, top one percent, one hour. Isn’t that an uncanny, remarkable coincidence for a motivational speaker?

And we could bet that all of these are not just fluff, just like what other motivational speakers have in, sadly, too many events. Garrison has got hold of everything he knows from his experience of actually working with exceptional people, successful companies, and – surprise – with each and every organization that he speaks to.

The Secret to a Great Keynote Speech: No Shortcuts

Unlike others who claim to be motivational speakers, Garrison has no other commitment ever since he dedicated himself to the business of inspiring other organizations to do their best. That is why he founded Wynn Solutions, where he gets exceptional people to help him do it.


Why does he need help? Well, it’s because Garrison doesn’t just rely on hearsay or theories. He believes that for his events to be successful, he needs to research a lot. A big part of the working day grind goes to each particular company Wynn Solutions caters to. And then, of course, Garrison gathers them into one huge portfolio for future reference and study.

Today, he has already ten years’ worth of studies of thousands of leaders from more than three hundred exemplary organizations,and surveys from a million employees and almost a hundred thousand of their managers in his file! How’s that for a great book on corporate success?

Now, you’ve spoken too soon, because actually, he’s got a bestseller already! It’s entitled, “The REAL Truth About Success,” which is almost always sold out and needing reprints on Amazon. He has also worked with award-winning author, educator, and fellow motivational speaker Stephen Covey on books and tools for keynote events.

The Secrets You Could Learn from Garrison Wynn

Wynn Solutions has a whole garrison (pardon the pun) of programs for companies who would want Garrison Wynn’s services as a motivational speaker. These are as follows:

  • The Secret of the Top One Percent – this program is expected to bring out the guffaws while you uncover the secret to how your company can actually be a top performer!
  • Essential Leadership – this program has three versions: one that improves cooperation and camaraderie among the workforce, and the second is for those in the brink of losing it all. The third, on the other hand, encourages companies to bring out the best in their ranks and create more top performers out of them. That’s just because real success is about aiming for others to be successful, too.
  • Millenial Loyalty – here, you will learn the secret on how to attract the young and eager workers, make them more responsible, and yes, keep them!
  • Success from Inclusion and Tolerance – here, you learn how to deal with the stress that comes from change, which is the ever constant factor that illicit excitement in the business arena! It also teaches you how to influence and gather support from those people who normally just wouldn’t cooperate with you.


If you looking for a motivational speaker, visit www.motivational-speaker-success.com website. Here, you learn how to deal with the stress that comes from change.

How to Choose the Best Golf Equipment and Golf Accessories

Golf, like many other sports, requires proper skill, training, and the right hardware. You must have the proper set of equipment that can help enhance your game.

For example, choosing the right golf club will give you the correct result. It is the right combination of golf equipment and golf accessories that can help a good golf player to become a great one.

Advances in golf equipment and accessories have made the game more technical than ever before. Choosing the right equipment and accessories can sometimes be the edge anyone needs.

Here are a few informal rules on how to choose the best golf equipment and golf accessories:


1. Understand your level of skill –

Golf Equipment

In golf, you can determine up to 3 levels of skills; beginner, intermediate and advanced. You must be able to tell yourself what skill level you have in order to choose the right equipment. www.rockbottomgolf.com lets you choose golf equipment and accessories depending on your skill level, this way you will never be wrong in having the right tool to help enhance your game.

2. Understand what you need –

Though it seems that this is obvious, sometimes it’s hard to tell from what you want from what you actually need. There are accessories that make you look good and great but degrade your level of play.

3. Price does not matter –

It is not a fact that the more expensive equipment or accessories are the better option. Sometimes, expensive equipment or brands are not necessary for someone who is just playing golf occasionally and will never be competing professionally. RockBottomGolf has a wide range of golf equipment and golf accessories that can cater to every kind of player out there.

4. Quality –

The quality of any product is always an important factor in choosing the best equipment. You must be able to use it as it was designed to and should always perform at a level that you need.

Golf AccessoriesIt is always best to choose the right supplier or shop to get your equipment and accessories. RockBottomGolf have a wide range of golf equipment like golf clubs, golf bags, golf balls and golf apparels. They also offer quality made accessories like golf gloves, golf grips, eyewear, golf umbrellas and golf carts.

Aside from choosing the right supplier, you must understand that following the simple rules above can go a long way. For example, choosing the right golf club.

In choosing the right golf club, there are important factors that help you choose the right fit for you. Such factors include the shaft and how long and stiff it is. The thickness of the grip is also something that you should not overlook. It should generally allow the ring and middle fingers on your one hand to touch the thumb of your other hand.

Another example of the importance of choosing the right equipment is choosing the right accessories. Accessories are not really necessary to play the game although it helps a lot to play a better game. Golf gloves and golf grips allows you to handle your golf club better which in turn allows you to have a better swing.

www.rockbottomgolf.com also offers golf accessories that makes the game more technical and interesting. Swing Trainers and Putting Aids are great examples of accessories that does directly improve your level of game.

There are also supplements that are available at RockBottomGolf that help you to be in shape and in a great condition to do great in the game.

RockBottomGolf’s range of accessories also includes golf books and golf dvd’s. The golf book’s range of topics includes golf tips, golf lessons and general golf information that can also add to your arsenal. Golf DVD’s includes golf lessons and tips from respected golf players.

Choosing the right golf equipment and golf accessories is not as simple as it seems, but it is really important to get it right.

A Look Into Outsourcing Article writing

Businesses and marketing jobs are recently making greater impact online –

the reason of which is the ease of access that is provided to each potential client or customer thanks to the internet.
Article writing However, any business considering to transfer to a digital platform needs to take into account one very crucial element of their online presence: content.

At the very center of it all, content is the heart and soul of internet marketing. Information, after all, is what clients and customers are actively looking for – and Article writing on any given product, service, or topic can take up a large amount of time.

That is why many online-based businesses have turned to outsourcing their content needs to writers who are up for the task. With Article writing being taken care of by more-than-competent individuals, a business owner can focus more on running his or her platform without the added burden of worrying about posting write-ups.

When it comes to finding writers, anyone can easily call up friends or colleagues to help out. However, many firms are more inclined to approach a third party company to take care of their content needs. It is seen as a much more practical approach with more benefits to the business:

1. Business owners or marketers with multiple online platforms can take advantage of “packages” these third party providers have. Most of the time, a product or a service needs to really pick up on its online presence and have two or more other channels other than their websites to generate that buzz. Third party content providers can present packages or special offers where they can cover Article writing and management to these business owners and online marketers.

2. Most businesses have an idea of how generating online buzz and visibility works but there are still the natty-gritty elements that can sometimes stump them. Content providers can take care of this concern as well. They can provide solutions as simple as requesting their clients for a list of keywords that relate to their product or service and they can take care of the rest by coming up with intelligent articles and terms that can be instantly tracked by search engines.

3. Business owners remain in-charge. While it seems that third party providers are taking care of about one hundred percent of the work in Article writing, the fact of the matter is that the business owner is still in full control since all the details on a subject is still going to be provided by them and any suggestion from the third party provider will still be subject to final approval by the business owner.

4. The services are fully customization. Whatever the request, third party providers can deliver. This, of course, depends on their area of expertise. There are providers that zero in on creating technical articles while there are those that can accomplish full content for E BOOKS. It is simply a matter of which provider to pick and business owners are not just limited to one. They can sign up to as much third party content service as they can.

5. Third party providers can also manage traffic to websites. There are extra services such as this that are available to anyone who is interested. An article, after all, is as good as the traffic it gets online.

Essentially, outsourcing content to online article writers are making
Ebook-Graphic things much easier for any business owner or marketer looking to expand online or even start up.

Right about now, there are more than enough third party providers that are capable of handling assigned tasks and are also willing to go an extra mile by providing an extra edge to their services.