Learn More About Challenge Coins

A challenge coin is a simple yet very meaningful medallion, often seen in military units, that bears the emblem or logo of an organization. It is given to the organization’s members as a sign of membership and commitment, and must be carried at all times. It has been a tradition for military members to show this coin as a proof of membership when someone challenges them. www.Challengecoins4less you get best options of challenge coin.


Another purpose of this coin is to boost members’ confidence as they belong to one of the prestigious organizations. It can also serve as part of the collection of service members. Nowadays, custom military coins are usually given to recognize any fulfilled service or special achievement of a member by the unit commander. In addition, these coins are exchanged when members of other organizations come to visit the camp.

Challenge as a Tradition

Challenging a member is a way to know if a particular member of an organization is carrying the coin. Though rules are already formed in challenging members, some of these are often neglected since the rules are not generalized for all military units. The rules actually vary to every organization. The challenge is only applicable to members whose custom military coins are formally given by their unit commanders.

Conflicts may arise when challenges are commenced between members coming from different organizations and thus, it is highly discouraged to challenge a member of another organization. A challenge coin is merely a strong source of morale of a military unit but a forced challenge can alter this purpose. This act is also known as “Coin Check” and is commonly announced aloud.

How to Challenge a Member

Challenging a member can be done any time. It is started off by a challenger who draws his coin, and putting it on a flat surface like table or desk. If challenge is initiated in a noisy environment, then the coin must be continuously tapped on the flat surface as a way to challenge members. A coin drop, whether intentional or unintentional, is considered as an intended challenge to everyone present in the vicinity. Upon being challenged, a member must produce the coin of the organization immediately.
Custom CoinA member who fails to show the said coin has to buy drinks or snacks for the challenger. Sometimes, he/she must also buy drinks or snacks for all members who have brought their custom military coins with them. In case everyone challenged successfully produced a coin, the challenger is obliged to give drinks or snacks to everyone present in the area.

Usually, custom military coins are placed in pockets or at any place with ease of access. For instance, coins are used as belt buckles and worn as necklace or bracelet.

An act called “Step and Reach” is passing off an extra coin to a challenger as a prerogative of the challenged member. This rule permits a challenged person to show gratitude to a close friend by giving his coin. However, custom military coins placed on belt buckles, key chains, necklaces, and bracelets are not applicable to be used in this form of challenge.

As a rule of thumb, coins made of zinc alloy castings are given to friends and colleagues due to its low cost. A die struck brass or bronze coin is usually for personal use since it is expensive and of superior quality. However, it is still a member’s prerogative if he will opt to give his die struck bronze coin.



The following are some of the rules often followed in making a challenge but are not limited to these only. If a member is able to grab a coin without the owner knowing it, then everyone in the group should treat him a drink. The holder of the coin with the highest rank shall receive a treat from everyone present. Coins are also classified into ranks. When a lower rank presents his coin to a higher rank, then he shall give respect by offering drinks to this higher rank.

Another rule of thumb is that prior to any presentation of coin, the two members shall offer each other a handshake for formality and respect. Some military units are strict with regards to time limits for a member to take action to a challenge.